Build My Own Computer


Updated October 12, 2007

This is a desktop computer to be used in a business application which requires data encryption and a low risk of accidental data loss, but which is not particularly graphics intensive. It should be designed to last for a long time.


         Upper side of the current technology, but not the cutting edge.

         All components operated within specifications, e.g. no overclocking.

         At least two CPUs (e.g. Intel Core 2 Duo or Quad) for good CPU throughput.

         Windows Vista 64-bit operating system, full version.

         All components compatible with that operating system.

         As quiet as possible.

         Clock speed at least 2.66 GHz, memory at least 800 MHz.

         At least 2 Gb main memory.

         Good graphics accelerator, mid-capability, no fan, no need for two cards.

         At least 320 Gb disk space, expandable.

         RAID 1 (mirrored) disks to protect against a single drive failure.

         A third internal disk for backup, to protect against file deletion or corruption.

         One good DVD/CD reader/burner with space for one more.

         No other backup device is required.

         Internal diskette drive, can be USB connected.

         100 Mb/sec LAN.

         Internal 56 Kb modem for connection to client modems or for emergency dialup.

         Space for additional PCI cards, internal disks, and front-panel devices.

         American made or designed components wherever reasonable.