Mayo Clinic Visit, January 8, 2009:

After eleven cycles of the trial drug CC-4047 and dexamethasone my tumor burden may be starting to go up again. Last month's M-Spike was 1.0 g/dL and this month's is 1.1. The test-result printout, however, says "no significant change." And I suppose that's right. It's possible to read too much into one set of blood tests, and the accuracy of this test may not be much better than 10% anyway.

But previous tests and the results of other markers do suggest that the myeloma is coming back, if slowly. I hope not, but it seems most likely. In particular, IgG increased from 1260 to 1350, the third modest increase in the last three cycles. In contrast, though, Lambda Light Chains went down from 4.03 to 3.31 mg/dL, which might mean something, might not. They were up 24% last month, and this month they dropped back to about where they were.

Other numbers like calcium, creatinine, and albumin are fine, as is WBC the white blood cell count. AST and ALT, both a bit high last month, are back down into the reference range. Even RBC, the red blood cell count, has inched up into the reference range. So neither the myeloma nor the treatments are injuring any soft-tissue organs yet. I like that.

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Side effects of the two key drugs, CC-4047 and dexamethasone, are discussed in a previous post.

Here are a few specific test results:

Test Oct 16    Nov 13    Dec 11    Jan 08    Remarks
M-spike g/dL 0.9 1.0 1.0 1.1 Best tumor measure
IgG mg/dL 1130 1170 1260 1350 Variation is normal
L FLC mg/dL 3.14 3.25 4.03 3.31 Free light chains
Calcium mg/dL 9.6 9.8 10.1 9.9 Below 10.2 is best
Creat mg/dL 1.1 0.9 1.0 1.1 Kidney, lower is better
HGB g/dL 13.8 14.6 14.6 15.3 Hemoglobin, normal
RBC M/uL 3.97 4.19 4.20 4.36 Red cell count, normal
WBC K/uL 4.4 4.3 5.3 4.6 White cells, normal

Supplements: For quite a long time now I've been taking a rather large number of different herbal supplements, many of them specifically intended to help treat the myeloma. Over the past three months, though, I've done an experiment. For one month I just skipped the supplements, and then for the next two I took them fairly religiously. I can't be perfect - it just isn't in me - but I did as well as I could. Results: (1) The tumor burden may have gone up marginally when I took NO supplements, and (2) It may also have gone up marginally in the two months that I DID take the supplements. In other words, I have no evidence that the supplements made any difference at all. None.

I can't prove that they DIDN'T help just a little bit, either, but that's not enough. Taking a fistfull of capsules twice a day is not a treat for me. In fact it's a huge pain in the butt. I hate taking them, and they cost a lot of money. So the supplements require a serious re-thinking. I will make an appointment with our naturopath and go through them, one by one, and come up with a shorter list. Much shorter, I hope. Maybe I can get it down to a fistfull ONCE a day. There are a few supplements that are quite safe on the list, such as saw palmetto for BPH (it's a guy thing), or Vitamins D3 and K2 for strengthening bones. Those are keepers. But curcumin, EGCG, quercetin, AHCC, and resveratrol are all up for grabs. On the other hand, Margaret has been posting good information about genistein lately, and our naturopath did recommend that a few months back, so perhaps it's worth a try.

Doctor: This time I met with the nurse-practitioner Dr KDS. Here is some of the discussion: I'll go down to Mayo again in another month or so. Meantime I'm still running 20-30 miles per week, hoping to increase that gradually back up to 40. Life is good.