April 3, 2008

Today was my 28-day (first cycle) checkup at Mayo on the phase II trial of CC-4047 with dexamethasone. The idea is to make sure that the drugs are not hurting me, though it would also be nice if they were helping.

Dr. Lacy was away at a conference so I saw Dr. Buadi, another very likeable and knowledgeable doctor.

IgG was down 25% and M-spike was down 30% in just 28 days. That is very good. Further, all of the markers that the doctors were watching most closely are normal. The only significant “bad” news was a decrease in albumin, down to the very bottom edge of the reference range. Actual values from key tests are displayed graphically in the charts and numerically in the test result table.

I am still on the trial drug, but will slide the start day of the next cycle from Friday night to Sunday night, so that I will not be feeling the effects of dexamethasone on the weekends when I race.

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