July 5, 2007

We stopped thalidomide two months ago, and I have had no treatment since. Blood tests were a week ago, and today I saw my doc, an oncologist/hematologist.

IgG, M-spike, and free light chains were all up from a month ago, though none by a surprising amount. I didn’t get a copy of a B2M result; I don’t yet know if it was done. Actual values from key tests are displayed graphically in the charts and numerically in the test result table. In short, it appears that the cancer is still advancing slowly and relentlessly. That’s what it does.

I started a curcumin regimen on June 27. I also asked my doc to think about low-dose naltrexone (LDN) as another complementary treatment, and he agreed to check into it. We both understand that if the myeloma makes a sudden jump, we will probably go back to “conventional” treatment such as Revlimid.

Despite the inexorable climb, my cancer numbers are still so low that it is barely considered “smoldering” myeloma. This is good. Nevertheless, I have recently felt an occasional ache in my left upper arm which I cannot pinpoint by palpation. When I suggested to the doctor that my numbers were too low for that to be a bone problem, he pointed out that a plasmacytoma can occur anywhere. He has ordered an x-ray of that bone.

In one month we will check liver and kidney function, and in two months we will do another full set of tests. Meantime, I figure on living life to the fullest. Live one day at a time and make it a masterpiece!

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