May 2, 2007

Today my oncologist/hematologist gave me the results from last week’s tests.

IgG, M-spike, and Beta-2 Microglobulin were all up from a month ago, though none very much. Lambda light chains were down a little. Actual values are displayed graphically in the charts and numerically in the test result table. In short, it appears that the cancer is still advancing slowly despite the thalidomide treatment. Time for something new.

The doctor suggested Revlimid. I proposed, instead, a two-month respite to let the effects of the thalidomide settle out, followed by a curcumin regimen. That will probably mean eight grams of curcumin daily, with bioperine and an oil to enhance bioavailability. We will continue that regimen until a result is evident, and then start Revlimid and dexamethasone if the curcumin has not stabilized the cancer. He readily agreed; I’m proud of him.

Meantime, we will do tests every month to see what’s happening, and I will meet with the doctor again in two months.

An interesting side note: The doctor asked about my running. When I told him that I won my age group in the recent Austin Marathon, he said that he was surprised that I was feeling so well and doing so well, considering the test results. He further remarked that some of the CBC and chem test results showed evidence of very good nutrition. For that, kudos to Eagle Momma.

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